Why I decided to stop using the term “transwoman”

Since the latest arrest of a trans “woman”, for the brutal attack on an actual woman, I’ve seen many women stand by this thug and show no compassion for his female victim. I also saw the male judge order the victim to refer to her male attacker as a “she” and when the victim repeatedly forgot to lie under oath, the judge reduced the attacker’s sentence, shamed the victim and denied her rightful compensation.

The absurdity inherent in this situation is evidence of escalating power of patriarchy, which is now only willing to tolerate female collaborators, or handmaidens, while it gratuitously punishes women who resist.

Most visible handmaidens today are highly paid women in politics, media, academia and entertainment industry. “Allowed” to be there by the grace of men, and expected to police the rest of us. So when small pockets of resistance do form, women with dissenting opinions are told to stay quiet or face double assault – male and female punishment, peppered with betrayal by their own kind.

It’s therefore not a surprise that the handmaidens are the biggest role models to young women and girls. The conditional nature of women in power is all that seems possible. All that’s visible. This is why so many women are lining up for the job, and quite possibly, this is how patriarchy survives.

Consider the recent case of Emma Healey, who stole private information of women on Mumsnet forum, and published it on social media as examples of “transphobia”. What did those mums do to deserve attentions of Emma’s trans activism? They dared to say that men with penises are not women and discussed how allowing “woman-identifying” men into women-only spaces could lead to increased harm to women.


Evidently, gender-critical women aren’t paranoid fantasists or pearl-clutching prudes, as handmaidens and misogynists like to claim. They are regular women waking up to a dystopian nightmare where any man can call himself a “transwoman” and get the state to help him victimise vulnerable women and girls. This abusive male logic is masquerading as “trans activism” and it is only a matter of time before it spreads to all spheres of life, at which point the rights of women will be lost.

Kabul, Afghanistan, 1970s


Kabul, Afghanistan, 2017

Women waiting for post-natal and family planning consultations i

I wrote this two months ago.


I can’t believe it’s already happened. The misogynists are escalating so quickly, and hoping that most people won’t believe it’s happening until it’s too late. In the meantime, it’s up to the handmaidens to reassure us that nothing is wrong and transwomen are women.

But something IS wrong. Identifying *with someone who isn’t you is empathy. Identifying *as someone who isn’t you is identity theft. Men who claim that they *are women because they “like/wear/do women things” are seeing women through the eyes of an impostor, and their right to take over women’s identities is defended with violence.

Take a look at one of the recent trans activist campaigns.


In this “art exhibit”, trans activists are showcasing axes clad in transgender flag colours and t-shirts smeared with “TERF blood”.

Considering that feminists have always been on the forefront of defending not only rights of women and all gender non-conforming adults but also rights of children, we need to consider trans activsts’ fixation on not only medicalising gender non-conforming minors, but on defending their sexualisation.

Ask yourself, how can a three year old child be “openly gay”? One of the biggest media outlets for trans activism certainly saw nothing wrong with that statement, they even thought it was “heartwarming” that adults were announcing toddler’s “sexual orientation” all over the internet. And when readers complained about inappropriate sexualisation of that child, because a three year old cannot be reasonably assumed to be sexually attracted to anyone, they took the article down because of “homophobic abuse and bullying of a three year old child”.

So it seems that trans activism isn’t just driven by impostor delusions of “transwomen” and internalised sexism of handmaidens. It’s ultimate goal is something we’ve seen before – misogynists looking to dismantle safeguarding of children and remove women from positions of power.

Thanks to this pressure trans activists are exterting on women as a class, when the madness of gender self-identification is long gone and the damage to children is done, misogynists will be armed with endless examples of how women were in fact responsible for actions of abusive men, and this will be very hard to reverse because women will no longer have a voice, or worse still, their voices will be replaced by voices of transwomen and because “transwomen are women” women will have nothing to complain about.

So let’s get back to the basics. Regardless of what anyone says, or orders, or threatens, biological males can’t “identify” as biological females, they can only identify as “trans”, whatever that might mean.   Referring to a man as a “he”, is accurate regardless of his “inner sense of gender identity”, while terms like “transwoman” are confusing and counter intuitive, because it feels like we’re talking about a woman, even though this contradicts the obvious.

This is why I decided to stop using the term “transwoman” and use trans-identified male or a transsexual instead. Not because I wish to disrespect anyone’s “identity” but because this distinction between material reality of womanhood and male domination fantasies is essential if we want to preserve the human rights of women and children and combat male violence that’s inflicted on them.

I will also only use sex-appropriate pronouns. Out of respect, when that respect is warranted (and it’s not when a man is abusive) I’m prepared to use “they” or the person’s name, but I’m committed to not using pronouns for the opposite sex, even though my impulse is to placate.

Which brings me back to handmaidens. Feminism is a journey from trying to comply with demands of violent men, to finding courage to enforce strong boundaries with them. I no longer care how men will react, I am here to demand justice for victims of male violence, immediate reversal of gender self-identification, proof of safety for women and children, and repercussions for anyone in the public eye who supported this dangerous initiative.

Stakes are too high now, kids are being abused and lied to. Women are being harmed and disrespected in ways none of us could have even imagined. It’s time to take a stand.


ps. At this point it’s clear that women need all the help they can get to fight this, but we must tread carefully. Male-dominated moderate and Left factions are at the forefront of trans activism. But the conservative Right is working tirelessly to undermine social welfare and women’s reproductive rights. They both suffer from their own brand of narcissism and misogyny, which is no less damaging to women, even if they agree with us on this one issue.


7 thoughts on “Why I decided to stop using the term “transwoman”

  1. Milo Stefani says:

    Hmm One question…
    In case a person has fully completed transition so has the proper primary and secondary sex characteristics of the target gender, has managed to fully get the documentation to get registered as the target gender, How do you address them? With the pronouns of the biological sex or with those of the target gender?


    1. la scapigliata says:

      Hi Milo, thanks for your question. My answer will be long-ish. First, you are conflating sex and gender. When you are talking about biological sex, genitals and secondary sexual characteristics, that is not the same as gender. Gender is a collection of social stereotypes that sexed humans are supposed to adhere to. So if a man changes “gender” he might wear a dress, behave flirtateously and demurely, apply make up etc. All those things don’t make him a woman, because a woman who wears short hair, works as a brick layer and has no interest in motherhood is still a woman, because woman is an adult human female with XX chromosomes and in 99.99% of the cases, with ovaries, uterus and a vagina. Woman is a sex class, femininity is gender, and men can be feminine, while women can be masculine, or something in between, without “becoming” the opposite sex.

      There is no medical procedure known to man that can make a man change his chromosomes to XX, or grow an uterus or ovaries. Surgically created cavity is not the same as a real vagina. Gender reassignment surgeries only create superficial approximation of the opposite sex, and the body never functions as the opposite sex. Even artificially changing hormone levels, cells in our bodies still respond as our primary biological sex that’s exposed to opposite sex hormones, not as bodies of the opposite sex. This is why gender reassignment treatments such as cross-sex hormones cause increased morbidity and mortality in the long run. Over 6500 genes are expressed differently between men and women, which is just an idea of how fundamental biological sex is to our function.

      So the only way to change human sex would be to erase all socialisation and transplant the “soul” or this so called “inner sense of gender identity” (which is a pseudoscientific concept with no factual basis beyond likes and dislikes and personality) into a newly constructed body of the opposite sex – this is fantasy, or science fiction, in other words it is impossible.

      All this applies the other way around, why women can’t become men either. Sex is immutable, gender is fluid by definition because standards of masculinity and femininity are basically describing a Barbie and a GI Joe and nobody fits squarely into those boxes. This is why feminists want to abolish gender – the harmful stereotypes – and we fight for the society in which men and women (and the 0.018% of the population who are truly intersex) can dress how they like, do any work they like, have interests that they like and the right to a life free of violence regardless of their biological sex.

      The most serious social issue with transgenderism is the issue of erasure of women as a sex class and obfuscation of male violence.

      Close to 90% of male transsexuals retain male genitals. So they might wear a costume of womanhood, they might try to “behave as a woman” (which is a sexist concept because women don’t behave a certain way because of their bodies, but because of brutal socialisation and social expectations that force them to be submissive and sexualised). Also, they might have facial feminisation surgery, female hormones and breast implants, but vanishingly small percentage of male trans actually remove their male genitals.

      And even when male transsexuals remove their penises and testicles, the biggest study to date, that analysed all transsexuals in Sweden, showed that even post-op, male transsexuals retain male pattern criminality, so their rate of violent behaviour is the same as that of men.

      In the world where male violence against women is endemic, and where majority of men fronting trans activism are adult heterosexual males with a fetish called autogynaephillia (these are the so called “trans lesbians” who are wearing a woman’s costume, retain their “lady dicks” and are demanding that lesbians sleep with them) we are now in a very difficult position.

      I, like so many women, had an impulse to placate demands of male transsexuals and transvestites, and I referred to them as “women” so that I don’t offend them (even though I knew just like everyone knows they aren’t actually women) and it got us to the point I described in the article. So as long as this dangerous misogynistic ideology keeps destroying the rights of women and children, I am no longer willing to lie to appease men’s feelings, dress or delusion or dysphoria or not. When things settle down, the fetishists are put in their place, the attack on gender non-conforming children is over and kids are no longer being sterilised with experimental treatments, I will reconsider being polite once again, on case by case basis.

      If you want to know more, I have written at length about all the issues I raised in my reply to you, just check out my other posts. I hope that clears it up. Thank you for visiting.

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    2. Dana says:

      No male ever has the primary sex characteristics of the female SEX. The primary sex characteristic of a female mammal is a pair of ovaries. Even if a man got ovaries transplanted into him, they wouldn’t be his. (And I hope whoever does *that* surgery loses their medical license.)

      Also learn the difference between sex and gender. Looks like you haven’t managed it yet.

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